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Thread: Best games to run on my Laptop?

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    I think with such a laptop, you should pay attention to indie games. There are a lot of interesting ones among them.

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    Clones of popular commercial games tend to be free and have low hardware requirements, because who would play them otherwise?
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    Given the specifications of your Dell laptop (Intel Core i5 7th Gen, 4 GB RAM, 512 GB HDD), you have a decent setup for running some older or less demanding games. Here are some recommendations for games that should run smoothly on your system:

    Portal 2: This puzzle-platform game should run well on your laptop and offers a captivating single-player campaign as well as cooperative multiplayer modes.

    Stardew Valley: If you enjoy simulation and farming games, Stardew Valley is a fantastic choice. It's a relaxing game that doesn't require high-end hardware.

    Terraria: This 2D sandbox adventure game offers endless exploration, crafting, and building possibilities. It's lightweight and should run smoothly on your laptop.

    Undertale: A charming and unique RPG with retro-style graphics and a captivating story. It's not demanding on system resources and provides a memorable gaming experience.

    Minecraft: The Java Edition of Minecraft should run fine on your laptop, allowing you to explore and build in its blocky world to your heart's content.

    Half-Life 2: A classic first-person shooter with an engaging story and innovative gameplay mechanics. It's a bit older but still holds up well and should run smoothly on your system.

    Team Fortress 2: A free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter with a variety of game modes and colorful characters. It's optimized to run on a wide range of hardware configurations.

    Hotline Miami: An intense top-down shooter with fast-paced action and a retro aesthetic. It's lightweight and should run smoothly on your laptop.

    Limbo: A dark and atmospheric puzzle-platformer with stunning black-and-white visuals. It's relatively lightweight and should run well on your system.

    Bastion: An action RPG with beautiful hand-painted visuals and a captivating narrative. It's not very demanding in terms of hardware and should provide an enjoyable gaming experience.

    These games should provide you with plenty of entertainment without putting too much strain on your laptop's hardware. Be sure to check the system requirements for each game before purchasing or downloading to ensure compatibility.

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    My old laptop has i5-3210M, GT 650M, 8 RAM and even with a SSD it does not run optimally with games.
    It did run Minecraft but now it does not run smooth.

    Games I played on it not too long ago:
    VampireSurvivors, Max Payne, Max Payne 2, Halo Combat Evolved, Morrowind, Warcraft III, WOW

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bewegter View Post
    i5-3210M, GT 650M, 8 RAM and... a SSD
    Should be enough to run Minecraft comfortably... maybe it's time to open, clean, repaste and reinstall the OS.
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