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Thread: My Isp Told Me To Stop Sharing!

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    My ISP called me the other day concerning my high-speed internet. I spoke to a rep and she said that my dl/ul were unusally high for a residential connection.
    I just got high speed in Oct. so I was itchin for dowloadin....Oct- 22gb dl/ul(kazaa lite only)....Nov- 57gb dl/ul ( BT and kazaa lite). She said that if I was using any kind of filesharing program, that I should turn of the sharing...also saying that apprx 22gb was an okay amount per month, but it was still in the high dl's. I asked if this was common and she said no its with that being said what should I do???

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    There must be a download and upload capacity set on your account. If there isnt then talk to your ISP. Btw, What the hell do you download?

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    Originally posted by ultimatejester@1 December 2003 - 18:05
    Btw, What the hell do you download?

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    I hit 45 gigs down and 35 up the first month I started using bittorrent. I went crazy,downloading at a steady 500kb/s and uploading at around 200-250 kb/s for about 10 days. Needless to say my ISP tried to cap me that month. I threatened to take my business elseware as they had nothing in writing saying that I had any type of limit and they reconnected me.I have since slowed down quite alot as I have pretty much downloaded everything I am interested in.
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    Do they charge you extra for more usage? will they disconnect you for it?

    If the answer is no, fk em.

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    who is your ISP

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    Well.....I download pretty much anything I can get my hands on. But I pretty much delete stuff to keep my 80gb hd in check....they said that I should go to their ummm....I don't know what its called but it keep track of how much you dl/ul.

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    oh yeah my ISP is SHAW cable....I think its the only cable internet providers in my area...OHHHH CAAANNNAAADDDAAA!!

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    shaw sucks

    switch to telus with no monitoring and no limits

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    Ask them what ur fkin limit si so that they cam STOP bithching, mine is 30GB dl and 7.5GB ul p/mo, and a 2GB daily dl max, they must state their terms somewhere those whiny fkin whores that they are...

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