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Thread: Xbox

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    ok guys, im thinking bout getting a modchip for my xbox, wat EXACTLY do i need?? and wat EXACTLY will it do for me?

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    lots of choice just google find what best suit you not others

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    i kno theres lots of choices and ive found the one i want, now i wanna kno if i need a dvd burner to make copies or can i do it like ps2 games??

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    i have my xbox modded with a 120gb hard drive and mod chip.


    read their tutorials and join their forums, i go there everyday. that site helps millions!

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    what do u use to burn the games?

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    dvd burner

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    Originally posted by raiserblade2003@2 December 2003 - 03:33
    dvd burner
    no you use an easy bake oven

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    EDIT: seriously, do i need a dvd burner or can i do it with a cd burner?

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    you want to download games off of the internet and put em on your xbox? if its modded you dont need a cd, dvd, or any of that shit. all you need is a ethernet cable hooked up from your xbox to your computer or through your network or router or shit as long as their somehow connected. then you can just FTP it to your xbox ;-) GO TO THEY TELL YOU!

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    God, I swear to god, listen to anyone that reads this. I am an installer for xbox modchips and get $30 profit for just putting a chip in an xbox without having to do any soldering. So, listen, If you want to know how to do anything related to the Xbox, read up at before asking for help.

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