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Thread: Dvd Authoring Tools

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    a decent dvd authoring tool. I've been using Spruce up and Tmpg DVD author.

    Spruce is good but can't get motion menus.

    Tmpg does motion menus but can't seem to get it to write with any sound on the menu which is what I want!! I've created a motion clip with sound seperatley and specified it as the background image. I've also ticked the box in display options to use the audio of the background image, but still no audio?

    Can anyone give me any tips on how to get this audio on the menu or suggest any decent authoring software that will do all the menus with motion and the option to add audio to them.


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    do you mean u want to add menu's n stuff to a vcd movie ???? and add scene selection n stuff ???

    i think ulead video studio does this, i remmember using it once for something like that.

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    he's talking about actual dvds, uc?

    and to answer ur question...i have NO idea haha...i dont even have a dvd-rom on my pc

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    i dont get it, why would he want to add menu's to a dvd when they already have there own...


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    maybe he is making his own dvd...not just copying one..... thats why he is asking for dvd AUTHORING tools.... maybe he wants to edit the menu that comes with the dvd......who knows

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    my guess would be he will be having more than one dvd on the disc, so a selection for either movie which then loads the official menus of that dvd.

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    I have dowloaded an avi files that is just the movie. I've converted it to DVD format and want to create a main menu with motion and audio background. I can then use this menu to select to play the movie or to find certain chapters in the movie.

    Hope this makes it clearer?

    Tried Ulead and its not much good, have had loads of probs with that one.

    What something a bit like tmpg dvd author but better, with more options and the options to make moving menus with sound!!

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    try HONESTEAD DVD CREATOR 3.1 its quite hard to find though but when i had it it let me do the sort of stuff you are after
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