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Thread: Have You Had A Good Day Or A Bad Day?

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    I have had a very long and bad day today.. Tell me how was your day and what happened?...

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    Let's see, worked 12 hours during the night and got back in at 8am. Got to sleep arround 10, woke up at 2pm and then drove up to a concert at 4pm and arrived home at 12:30am.

    At work, i came extremely closed to a shattered arm. I was lucky three people jumped in before that happend. (a few extreme heavy cages being pushed when meant to be PULLED by an motorized puller ran my arms into a swinging door. It was covered in cuts lots of skin scrapped off and sore muscles. I was so lucky that they stopped it intime.

    If it wasn't for the concert, it would of been an awful night/day.

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    man dude sounds like it was a rough day for ya. a concert sounds good right now... who did you go see btw?

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    i was just going to say ive had a long, boooring bad day.

    but compared to eazyrider ive had a 100% perfect day lol

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    Oh, please...
    Mixed feelings here-

    Saved $3000 this AM.

    Had to go to work this PM.

    I guess I achieved a balance of sorts.
    "Researchers have already cast much darkness on the subject, and if they continue their investigations, we shall soon know nothing at all about it."

    -Mark Twain

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    Pissed because:
    • I had to go to school today. Another 7 hours of my life wasted.
    • I have a pimple on my nose, I hate it when that happens.
    Happy because:
    • The holidays are here!
    • I start driving with an instructor thursday.
    • At the end of December I can go take my license test. (Then I get my drivers license, and California's death rate sky rockets. )
    Today I'm more happy than pissed.

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    good for you. my day was so long and wasted though i was supposed to get a stereo installed while i was working and i get to the installation place and they say oh sorry sir we didn't have time to get to your stuff... When i had first got there they said sure we don't have any instatall appointments we can get you done... that's why im not in a good mood...

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    um.. i just woke up, might be a good day tho

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    Originally posted by kdm172@2 December 2003 - 05:37
    I have had a very long and bad day today.. Tell me how was your day and what happened?...
    I have had a bad day I think - I prepared some school work last
    night and today I should have show my work others, but the teacher
    was not available in the second lesson.

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    @ pinko Well good for you just starting out. Who knows maybe you'll have a good day or bad hopefully a good one.


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