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Thread: Codecs Crashing Everything?!?!?

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    OK the problem is i had codecs on my computer but it wasnt playing avi's right so I unistaled it and downloaded a new codec pack. now it's crashing everything anytime i try to play movies the programs that are crashing are WMP,kazza lite when i try to preview a vid or listen to music and avi preview whats going on?????the codec packs i tried are the klite one, nemos and divx5 or something like that none r working any ideas

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    You can't willy nilly install them all. Do a search here. Plenty of threads about codecs.

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    what do u mean I instal one pack at a time if it didnt work I uninstalled it! Is there something im missing then?

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    Your original post could have been clearer. There are plenty of posts that in detail discuss codec problems. Search. It's a button on the upper right side.

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    I have done a search and i can't find anywhere that has the same problem as me! Sorry I wasnt clearer...but every time i try to instal a diffrent codec pack it cashes the programs if i run the programs after I uninstal the codecs they don't crash but WMP just plays the videos sound and kazza doesnt crash like it does when the codecs are instaled but it won't play music or vids it loads it and does nothing>!?

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    heres the error if that helps any..
    This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.

    If the problem persists, contact the program vendor.

    And this is what it says when I click on details.

    STUDIO caused an invalid page fault in
    module <unknown> at 0000:a0000001.
    EAX=0042003c CS=0197 EIP=a0000001 EFLGS=00010246
    EBX=00000015 SS=019f ESP=00647958 EBP=00647980
    ECX=01b1faec DS=019f ESI=01b1f614 FS=5e3f
    EDX=00647978 ES=019f EDI=0000008f GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:

    Stack dump:
    008a7984 0000015e 00000000 00647978 00000002 01b1f614 01aedd50 0000008f 0064798c 00647988 00647998 008ba229 0000008f 00000015 01b1f614 01aedd50

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    The error said STUDIO caused the crash. That doesn&#39;t related to WMP or any codecs that I know of. You&#39;re going to have to figure out what that is and repair it. Maybe it&#39;s some video program of some sort that you installed. Or some kind of video tweak. I have no clue.

    Good Luck.

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    STUDIO is winamp... that&#39;s what winamp shows up as when you press Control+Alt+del thats what it is in the process list... If you have winamp press control=alt=del when winamp is running it should be there for you to... When i don&#39;t have any codecs on this computer the progams work somewhat like will play sound for vid but no picture but when I instal any codec pack they crash completly.....If no one has any ideas I&#39;ll just back the stuff up on my comp i want and reformat my hd

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    I had this problem every time i uninstalled Nimo, everthing didnt work.

    ended up installing it all again.

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    I&#39;ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling both the programs and codecs many times im not sure what too do? So if i can&#39;t figure it out i&#39;ll be forced to reformat my hd.

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