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Thread: Dat Files

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    Hello,Iam new to PC`s and I tried to use DAT file and I used Quicktime to openit,but it unable to open them.I clicked the always open button and now I get the message "Quicktime is unable to open this file" every time I try to play A download.I downloaded a mp3 file with no problem,could any please explain the steps to use a DAT fie. thanks mac

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    A .dat file is simply an incomplete download.

    Do you know what sort of file it will be when it has finished downloading? To preview it, you could try using AVIPreview or VideoLan, but if neither of these will work you'll have to wait until it has finished downloading.

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    Originally posted by barbarossa@2 December 2003 - 21:31
    A .dat file is simply an incomplete download.

    I agree with you buddy.
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    I've noticed that DivX files (unlike mpegs or older AVIs) are only 'whole' when they are complete, so won't display until the full file is downloaded.


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