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Thread: Knights Of The Old Republic And Bt

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    Wizard Of Odd
    First off, I don't know if requesting links is allowed, I know it's not on some forums and I have have a look through some of the pinned topics and it doesn't seem to say anything about it.

    So, sorry if what I'm about to do isn't allowed. I apologise, and fully expect the post to be deleted/edited/locked whatever.

    So - I downloaded the Knights Of The Old Republic on BT, got the link off Surpnova. It's the version cracked by Razor in case you were wondering. Only trouble is CD3 is corrupt so I can't install it. Does anyone have a link for just CD3 of the game?

    Or, Suprnova is the only torrent site I know that is worth visiting, I am a bit of a newcomer to BT, does anyone know any other good ones?

    Appreciate any help. And sorry if I've broke any rules.

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    no1. this wasn't the right subject forum for this. should've been in requests in the games section. I have sharazaa for bit torrent shit so run Sharazaa and search for knights of the old republic. it connects to three networks, edonkey gnutella and bit torrent.


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