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    I've downloaded empire dawn of the modern world cd1 and cd2 in bin image file.the prob is when i get to install for cd2 it says to insert cd2 in drive so i put the image file on daemon virtual drive but still tells me to insert cd2 so i can not install it is there any other way to insall the game please help thanku.

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    is there a crack inside the cd? look for a folder named "crack" and if there is.....copy the .exe into the game folder

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    Thanks for reply tried that did not work its while im trying to install the game it ask's me to put cd2 in drive and i cant is there any other way of doing it

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    I think I got this from the Suprnova forum, I download so much shit I forget where most of it comes from anyway..

    NOTE: I'm assuming you're using Windows XP, and remember, please disregard the quotes, they're used to signify an exclusion or delimination, not to be taken as an inclusion.

    I'll start from after installation, since this is where the problem starts.

    Ok, so you got the CD images, you burned them or are mounting them (with Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%) and you have the game already completely installed.

    You would have noticed during the install, it asks you for a path,
    typically "C:\Program Files\GameCompany\GameName" (using "GameName" as an example)

    Follow my instructions slowly, carefully, to their entirety and exactness, and you'll have no problem copying over a cracked game application file in the future.

    1. Mount the CD image (Or insert the burned CD) that has the crack, in this case we know that it's CD2 from what Spurs161281 said. Usually there are only 2 to 3 CD images, so you have a 1 in 3 chance at the worst. Not bad odds.

    2. Cancel any setups or autoruns that may start.

    3. Press Windows Key + E (this will open My Computer)

    4. On the LEFT side of the window Click the + (plus sign) on the optical drive (whether virtual or real) that has the CD. (You can usually see an icon that seperates it from the rest, like a logo)

    5. Find the Crack Directory (or something like "Deviance" or some other obvious folder named after what we need. NOTE: Folders like DirectX, Readme, Bin, Install, Demos, Images, Tutorial, etc are obviously NOT a place that a releaser would put a crack in.)

    6. Click the folder in question.

    7. In your upper menu bar, click on View then click on Details

    8. Now look down at the file list on the right window pane and find the file that is an "application" and probably has an icon or logo from the game. That is the file we are going to need to copy over. Please make note of the filename.

    9. We'll return to this part in a moment. Let's continue

    10. Press Windows Key + E again (this will open My Computer)

    11. Click the + (plus sign) on Local Disk C: (or anything that says "C:" in the title.)

    12. Right-Click on the folder called "Program Files" and then Click on "Search..." (A new window will appear)

    13. As soon as the window appears, you must type in the exact filename that we saw earlier in step #8

    14. Press Enter

    15. Wait until it the search finishes (depending on your settings, you'll probably see a dog on the bottom left saying "There was one file found. Is that what you wanted?" in a text balloon. Or the bottom button will change from "Stop" to "Search" once again.)

    16. Once it finds the file we need, click on it once to select it

    17. Click on File

    18. Click on "Open Folder Containing"

    19. A new window will open. (Please not the location, such as C:\Program Files\GameCompany\GameName, this will save you time later on)

    20. Look at the list on the right, find the file

    21. Click the file once

    22. Click on Edit

    23. Click on Copy

    24. Click on Edit

    25. Click on Paste (alls well, we just created a "Copy of GameName.exe" file, verify this by scrolling all the way down on the right window pane file list.)

    26. Close all your windows that we just opened (please follow this step)

    27. Press Windows key + E

    28. On the left window pane, find that CD or DVD drive that has the game (whether a virtual or real drive) Left-Click on it.

    29. Cancel any autoruns or setups that may start.

    30. On the left window pane: Find the Crack folder (or "Deviance" folder or other folder that obviously contains what we're looking for, we've been through this step.

    31. On the right window pane, click once to select the cracked GameName application file.

    32. Click on Edit

    33. Click on Copy

    34. Close all windows.

    35. Press Windows key + E

    36. Browse over to the C:\Program Files\GameCompany\GameName folder (you were supposed to make note of the proper folder.)

    37. Verify that a file called "Copy of GameName.exe" is in that folder.

    38. Click on Edit

    39. Click on Paste

    40. Click on Yes (when asked to replace a file)

    41. Close all the windows we opened

    42. Play your game.

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    Thank u very much for the reply but i can not install at all has it keeps asking for cd2 during installition .Ive put the cd2 image on a virtual drive but it will not recognise the cd.Ive checked the cd with cdmage and there is nothing wrong with it.p.s i will keep your post has it is very imformative thanku.

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    This is maybe stupid but make sure that during the installation when it asks for CD2, it points to the correct drive.

    This can happen if you have two virtual drives and you mounted both images on a different drive. Then you need ot change the path durng installation

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    Originally posted by Benno@3 December 2003 - 12:56
    This is maybe stupid but make sure that during the installation when it asks for CD2, it points to the correct drive.

    This can happen if you have two virtual drives and you mounted both images on a different drive. Then you need ot change the path durng installation
    Haha, all that crap above about what is essentially copying a file and Benno probably nails it in one...


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