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Thread: Your Views On Ink Prices For Printers?

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    Some time ago I decided to get a Canon Bubble Jet 320i,
    which Ink Cartridges are by far not so expensive like from HP.

    HP = ~40Euro (for HP DeskJet 540, black)
    Canon = ~the cheapest offer I saw was: 4Euro (color), 3Euro (black)

    But you can as well easily refill these Ink Cartridges.
    I am happy for the moment not to paying so much for the Ink.

    What are your experiences with printers and Cartridges?

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    25ml hp cartridge (colour) for my desktop 880c, 15, not to shabby (the real hp ones aswel...)

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    Epson Stylus C60.
    Chipped clone carts, 4 black, 5 colour.
    Can often buy them at computer fairs for 8 per pair.

    Won't touch another HP (or ones made under license) simply because of the high running costs.
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    In my experience, new ink cartridges are a freakin' ripoff.

    Canon Black $25-$30, Colour $50. (Retail prices in Aussie $, btw)

    Refillable cartridges really are the only choice... roughly two thirds the cost of new.

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    Originally posted by uNz@2 December 2003 - 16:41
    In my experience, new ink cartridges are a freakin' ripoff.
    agreed - its a fact that printer companys make a big fat loss for every printer they sell, but make a bigger gain for every cartridge they sell

    refills are good if you can get the ink into the cartridge and not all over yourself - but there's a limit to how many times you can dismantle a cartridge
    third-party cartridges are fairly good - they basically refill them for you

    BTW, refills are also environmentally friendly

    being the cheap-skate i am, i use my college's printers if i need to print stuff - i was also thinking about reverting to dot-matrix, much cheaper
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    Originally posted by DarthInsinuate@2 December 2003 - 12:14
    i was also thinking about reverting to dot-matrix, much cheaper
    , Man I haven't even seen a dot-matrix printer in about 7 years. Jeez I remember the god horrible sound they make while printing.

    Anyway, I can a Canon 4200
    Ink is only $7 for black, and $15 - $ 20 for color (United States currency)

    One thing I'm wondering, Now that Lexmark lost it's court battle over their Ink Cartridges, so generic Ink can be made for them as well,
    What's going to happen to their printer prices, they have always had super-cheap printers, but their ink was like $40 -$50 for a cartridge.
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    It's pretty much the same for all printers, at least all popular brands.

    It's an old trick - They sell the printers dirt-cheap and get the cost back by hiking the ink prices. It's been going on for years now


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