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Thread: Kazaa Crashes After About 10 Mins

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    after 10 mins my kazaa lite (newest version) crashes. is there maybe a setting that is wrong in my kazaa. more ppl with this prob? any solutions?

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    When you installed it did you first uninstall the previous version as it sounds like an installation error. I'm running the newest version and I've not got a problem with it.

    I'd suggest that you uninstall it and any other versions you have then re-install it and it should work fine.

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    I'm having the exact same problem on both my Win98 PC and Win2K laptop. I uninstalled Kazaa 2.0.2 before I installed 2.4.3. And after it kept crashing, I uninstalled 2.4.3 again, when into my registry and deleted all occurances of Kazaa, rebooted, ran Norton SystemWorks One step check up, then installed Kazaa again. Same result - about 10 minutes later it crashes.


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    if you guys had the old version please do this first:

    save your shared files to a temp folder uninstall any version of kazaa you have, go to program files and delete any kazaa folder you see, go to c:drive>my shared folder delete that, delet your db folder, run adaware then install klite

    after that if it is still happening let me know

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    Thanks for the response, MUSLEMAN. I tried all you suggested and still had problems. So I copied all my shared files to a different folder and clear it out. Then started Kazaa and started d/l 1 file and it's been running for about 1/2 hour without a problem. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    Thanks for your help!


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