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Thread: The Best Compression For Cartoons

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    I have a bunch of cartoons that are already encoded with divx low motion, and i need to make them smaller to fit on cd. The best luck i have had so far is changing them to divx fast motion, but the picture looks pretty bad.
    I heard there was a non lossy compression that i could use to simplify the encoding( for lack of a better understanding) of the flat colored areas then a lossy compression i could use to reduce the file size further. Anybody know what i'm talking about?
    Well anyway if you don't does anyone know how i can make flat color pictures crisp clear and small (the boxes imo aren't too bad, but spotty fuzzy places in cartoons don't look good). Should i try to uncompress them first or something?
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    look into kvcd you can fit like 7 or 8 ep's on 1 disc, and animation looks great on kvcd

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    Mate you'll always loss abit if you're re-encoding/compressing abit further.But you could tri the filters in virtual dub under the video menu.


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