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Thread: Requesting Font Family

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    Seems like a weird request, but I thought that it would be better here than anywhere else

    Some of you (unlikely though ) may have been noticing that I was using a particular font a lot. It's called BankGothic, and I did have the whole font family. However, when I reformatted a couple of months back, I made the schoolboy error of backing up everything important bar my fonts. I haven't been able to remember which software installed the BankGothic font family in the first place and now I need to use it again in a couple of projects

    The closest I've got to getting the family again is paying $20 for it - Seeing as I didn't pay anything for the software that installed BG I have no intention of doing it now.

    If anyone has it, I'd be more than happy if you tell us But if you can think of which softwares install it, that could help me a bit more But either way - I'm asking you's to track down the whole family in one! (not just fonts here and there ).

    A reward may be given to whoever finds it, but that's open to negotiation (and it sure as hell isn't gonna be money or anyone that costs money )

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    Ask Sharedholder. He is the daddy of links.


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