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    Is it possible to find a specific user in Kazaa? I've downloaded from someone before and I know his/her [email protected] username. It seems to be a unique name (i.e. not [email protected] or something).


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    no it is not possible to search by user name. You can however, if you know who he was, call him on the land line then find out what supernode he is on, then you would change to his supernode, and then do a search for one of the files on his computer and eventually find him that way. A lot of trouble if you ask me.

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    You can't,user names are not unique,there is no database of Kazaa users .The best you could do would be to get the ip address of the supernode that they are on, hope they are online, this would give you a better chance of searching their shared folder list (which is on the supernode) B)

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    Thanks for the info... I guess there are very few options left for me... :-(

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    Just follow their advice.


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