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Thread: Kvcd Avi Laws

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    hello everybody i just downloaded fight club.avi file and i did the process steps of kvcd. and when i was encodeding the file to TMPGE it had a black screen <by the way my movie is not a fake>with red writing on it and i didnt even worry about until i finish the kvcd then i try to play it and it still had that black screen with red writting on saying this is a avi file is protected.

    My problem is should i first encode it with TmPGE to M-PEG then should i try to make the kvcd again. By the way< MUCHSPl2> you make the best guides for kvcd&#33;&#33;

    p.s i still have the original copy of fight club.avi
    i have the lastest nero.6.0
    tmpGe 2.5
    Please be a generous p2p citizen and help me out.
    Thanks for your quality time andplease reed throughly thorugh my passage to understand my sitution so you want get confuse and please dont be scared to email me or pm me to respond to this thanx&#33;&#33;

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    do you have the right codecs?

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    Originally posted by jerome18@2 December 2003 - 23:13
    black screen with red writting on saying this is a avi file is protected.
    whats the ezact warning you get, is it a wmv, they have some kind of drm built in

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    hey , yea its an avi file - fightclubavi. 527,290kb-i tried to make it to a kvcd and when i got to the process with tmpge it had a black screen with some red writings that said something about copyrighted avi.file. and yea i have the all the codecs i think. please can you help me out

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    why not just use muchspl2&#39;s first guide using ACP? it&#39;s one step

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    quicksilver thats what i did extactly at first . Im talking about avi laws that stop the whole process from making a kvcd.

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    can somebody please help me

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    i don&#39;t understand, acp/tmpgenc could care less if its copyrighted, whats the error, word for word ?
    write it down

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    well i delated the file but i remeber it had a black screen with red words saying {tmpge have found a avi copyrighted avi. something like that .but thanks for your effort even if you didnt solve this problem but if you have a solution i wouldnt mind trying it.

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    it makes no sense, acp/tmpgenc don&#39;t check for copyright&#39;s, I don&#39;t even think it can, are if it even possible
    next time don&#39;t be so hastie, and write down the error

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