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    - Limits the rate of new connections, to avoid overloading routers and DSL modems. (Advanced setting is Settings.Downloads.ConnectThrottle, defaulting to 100 ms, i.e. 10 per second which should be fine for most users).

    - Compatible with more BitTorrent trackers

    - Safer downloads (we all hope)

    - Added Assume Complete and Verify, located in Advanced Edit when right clicking on a download (makes possible to recover lost downloads)

    - Host cache detects gnutella hosts in G2 cache and removes them.
    - Start up progress bar is now red.
    - Schemas updated.
    - Fixed moving files crash.
    - Fixed escape twice crash.
    - Fixed incorrect eserver "btih" query bug
    - Fixed lugdnum zlib problem for eDonkey2000 servers
    - Added support for "Leaf guided dynamic querying" in G1
    -Added support for a bunch of query flags in G1
    -Added code for new more efficient metadata on G2
    -Fixed BitTorrent tracker deflated response problem
    -Improved Compatibility with trackers
    -Added code to correct international chars when saving files on win 9x
    - Changed .sd file flushing behavior to default to one hard-flushed write per 60 seconds, configurable with Settings.Downloads.SaveInterval and Settings.Downloads.FlushSD.
    - When writing the .sd files the WriteThrough flag is set, so the lost downloads problem is hopefully gone.
    - Added source preference to prefer HTTP/BT sources over ED2K sources when running non-ED2K downloads
    - Changed BT source exchange protocol to only trade sources which are active at any given instant, no cached sources allowed.

    G2 Network connection defaults changed
    - Hub->Hub = 6
    - Hub->Leaf = 300
    - Leaf->Hub = 2

    Note NT4 users will need the Tahoma font

    Instructions on how to recover lost downloads:

    1) You must still have the incomplete file for this to work (obviously)
    2) Rename the old file to whatever pleases you ( only temp )
    3) Start a new download of the SAME file (must have the same hash)
    4) Once the new download has started, pause it
    5) Goto c:\program files\shareaza\ incomplete ( or your equivalent download folder )
    6) Copy the file name of the NEW download
    7) Delete the NEW download
    8) Rename the OLD download to the name you copied
    9) Go back to Shareaza and unpause the download
    10) Right click on the download, Goto Advanced, Then Advanced Edit
    11) Click the Assume 100% Complete and Reverify ( if an error comes saying you do not have any hash, wait for a while let the download run on the file Shareaza has to get the tth or ed2k hash, try again in a little while)
    12) That should start the tth bar to run accross the download  the parts missing will be filled in red

    There, BTW some interesting things can be done with this. For example import downloads from kazaa or pretty much anything. Or even fix corrupted kazaa downloads...use at your own risk though

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    Just updated to this version yesterday and downloaded URU, ages beyond Myst with it (torrent file).
    Update the server list for the donkey network.
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