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Thread: I Need A Clarification

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    I just want to clarify something. I'm in the USA, now lets say i want to download songs that are more popular in Europe. Would it be better to find a supernode in Europe or just continue searching on a fast supernode in the USA. I admit the songs that I'm looking for are not that popular.but after letting it search all night in a European supernode I just got the same results as when I was on a supernode in the USA. any succgestions??

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    Well searching on supernodes in a particular country were the music is oringinaly from is the best bet.

    But if you set it to search all night its most likey jumped supernodes a hundred times as the supernodes tend to kick you off with too many requests.

    Have you tried searching with an other p2p program, you might have luck with shareaza

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    You could also try soulseek most of the people in musicworld use it

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    First of all in anaswer to the question. Supernodes do not automatically mean faster connections, They do however broaden the search and help maintain a wider search area. A couple of reasons why you are not getting anymore hits could quite simply be that the files you are looking for are either:
    a: allready well distributed, so there are no more sources.
    b: not that popular.

    Then i would like to add my endorsement to junkyardking, SoulSeek is more reliable as the people who share in our little community are trusted members of this forum who share whole reliably burnt albums.


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