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Thread: Another Annox Thread, Regarding Privacy Policy

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    Great questions. We have given great thought to these questions during
    the setup of AnonX.

    >James Bond <[email protected]> wrote ..
    > "Anonx, Inc. does not condone the use of its network or resources to
    > any laws of the said subscribers country of origin nor will we held
    > for such violations."
    > So are you saying if users are using ur service to trade, ooo i
    > copyrighted material on p2p networks you would rat them out?

    Lawyers made us say that. In truth we keep NO records. NONE&#33; AnonX
    does NOT know what you are surfing, downloading, sharing, hacking, etc.
    AnonX does NOT even keep track if you have ever logged into AnonX
    servers. And of course, we do not keep your name or any personal info in
    any form. If anyone requests records we would NOT be able to produce
    them because we do NOT keep records, log, databases, etc.....

    We have also taken great care in structuring our companies in such away
    that RIAA and others do NOT have the right to any info. Which (of
    course) there is NONE.

    > what is your policy when say, MPAA, writes you a complaint saying i
    > violating copyright laws by sharing a movie file on bittorrent? what

    Respond back that we have no way of tracking you and that they should
    find you by some other means.

    > I mean, come on, if ppl use p2p for "legitimate" purposes they
    > need anonymous proxy services like ur company provides.

    There are very legitimate reasons other than avoiding RIAA to us AnonX.
    Just look at the other anonymous services that do nothing but port 80
    traffic. Now, some people will use AnonX for sharing copyrighted
    material. AnonX is not going to stop you and we are going to watch/monitor
    your habbits. AnonX provides the service what you and others do with
    "the service" is up to you.

    > Also one last question, where is ur proxy servers located?

    We have 40+ servers around the world. The servers are stationed in
    countries friendly to our anonymous company structure.

    If you have any other question please e-mail us again.

    Thanks AnonX Customer Service

    > Thx for ur time
    > James Bond

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    I like this ....^_^

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