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Thread: What Do People Mostly Download From You!?

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    Thats the first half of my window, the bottom half is almost identical. Geez, i thought i was the only one that wanted anime......

    BTW: Only posts from maximum of 1 night uploading, this was last nights uploading.

    Note: if theres another thread like this, just ignore this one.

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    i am sharing over 1000 mp3's and 50 programs....
    however, the only thing i ever see in my uploads is porn, porn, and more porn.

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    Lol im shating 6.59gb of movies ( SPECIAL MOVIES )
    and ov 16.9gb of music ( or, 2739 files )

    YET, the only thing that ppl download frmo me has been anime lol.

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    Most are applications.

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    Anime mostly:
    Chobits eps1-27
    Onegai Teacher eps1-13
    Words Worth eps1-5
    Before I started downloading anime most of my uploads were music videos

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    Originally posted by Broken@3 December 2003 - 09:52
    i am sharing over 1000 mp3's and 50 programs....
    however, the only thing i ever see in my uploads is porn, porn, and more porn.
    broken, that's not alot of either(+1000mp3's and 50 apps).

    for some odd reason, people seem to love the evil "nemo codec pack", i always see that in my uploads.

    occasionally, people also want "chessmaster9000"

    sending fiery missiles in manker's japan's general direction.

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    South Park...I have all the episodes, and they are always on my upload screen.
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    Only thing people have been downloading form me is these street fighter 2v episodes.

    It sucks because everyone downloads from me at like 12kbs and these episodes only download at like 6kbs (thats if it finds any sources )

    Only got 2 more to go so im happy


    I have no idea what that means but im guessing its hurricane kick because thats what ryu and ken say when you do the move

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    anime and old movies mostly,but some new 1 like matrix3 and texas chainsaw

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    how do you guys share so much my hard drive is only like 15 gigs all i share is like 5 gigs in movie (xmen2 dvd rip, lotr: fotr - ee dvdrip ,and lotr: ttt - ee dvdrip) and some anime (flcl, neon genesis & trigun)

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