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    my dvd player has been set to region 1. it's been locked and i can't change it anymore. but iv'e a dvd that can only play on a region 4 player. is there any program out there that will let me change the current settings of my dvd??
    i really wanna watch this dvd you see

    thanks for any help

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    It depends on the make and model of your dvd player.

    best searching google

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    1st, you need to find out exactly what brand and model number DVD drive you have. Then, you can goto the mother of all firmware sites and check if a new firmware is available for your particular model number. Keep in mind, this will void you warranty! But it can reset the change number and the region code. You also can find a program called DVD region-Free, which is a software workaround. Sometimes, you can find a utility from the above weblink to toggle the region code but it's hit or miss depending on the model.


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