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Thread: I Found It Once..

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    Once upon a time when using Kazaa..

    I found a file of an old animated series on Mtv.. that series is called "The Head". It's about a purple alien that makes his home inside a guy's head, and breaks out once he's accustomed to the earth's atmosphere, blah blah..

    ANYway.. I can't find this file.. when I put in a search on video for "the head" you all can imagine exactly what I find, and I can do without a billion blowjob videos, TYVM. Now, to the question...

    Is there a way to refine your results, OR have a search that filters certain findings, OR do a search that finds files with ONLY THE WORDS YOU PUT IN THE FIELD ?

    I'm sure the answers to all of these are no, read the faq, advanced search, fucking n00b, blah, blah.. But god dammit.. I loved that show.

    - E :guinesssmile:

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    Have you tried "More Search Options"??? That may help, picking approx size, etc.

    Or check in Movieworld.

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    well you can check the pics in the sig of musleman all the answers seem to be there

    no really gess you have best chances in movie world requests... People may know this and supply you with a hash or a proper name to search B)

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    emule will probably be the best bet for rare shit like that, but I imagen its even worst because you have to wade through 1000 of porn vids

    I always wanted liquid television and they had another I liked called amp
    never see any of those :/

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    Originally posted by jetje@3 December 2003 - 18:48
    well you can check the pics in the sig of musleman all the answers seem to be there

    Absolutely! lol... lol...


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