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Thread: Three Annoying Things

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    1. some partial downloads do start from 0, when I press pause and resume later.
    or just leave the k-lite to start it later without pausing.
    but It's o'k - I've read about it in FAQ's.

    2. somehow all files in shared folder(the ones I share to the network) got deleted
    And there were 1.5 GB of files over there.But I had them backed up.So the question is :is it just me or known phenomenon.

    3.And most annoying: avi-preview shows me only 3-4 seconds of avi files
    no matter
    how much of it I downloaded (10MB or 250 MB).But when I exit the k-lite
    I can easily preview those dat files with WMP or other players for their entire
    length.(but exitting is potentially dangerous because of the described in first point)

    P.S. I use 2.4.3 k-lite and 2.20f k-lite codec pack.
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    3) Try this:

    Start > Run > regsvr32 quartz.dll

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    Thanks. but nothing changed.I exitted kazaa typed it. It successfully registered
    quartz.dll.I then even restarted the comp but still avi-preview misconducts.
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    I recommend using VideoLAN for previewing. AVI Preview is just a bit buggy.

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    Thank you,Paul.Videolan works great.But now I have 5 players
    real alternative
    quicktime player
    I will uninstall BSplayer.
    thanks again.
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    why uninstall them?

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    Too many-awful waste if space.
    For the expediency sake.
    Anyway I never used BSplayer.
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    if i where you i would keep, bs, videolan,real alternative


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