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Thread: Windows Media Player

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    Just recently movies i played in windows media player that worked before no longer work.I keep getting a error message saying that it doesnt support this format.Now they are avi files.They work in vid lan but they are shown inm y folder as video clips now not movies files,but they are movies in avi. format.I just watched these movies the other day and today when i went in to watch them i keep getting the eror message.i unistalled media player and reinstalled and the same with k-lite.Could it be something with the registry?.

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    You lack some codecs.

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    Guest is all you need
    if you want to play in wmp, then det the klite codec pack

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    I tried unistalling k-lites codecs but still didnt help.I didnt start having this problem till i ran a registry cleaner and deleted 431 invalid entries.

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    well just restore your regestry settings before you ran the cleaner

    and did you try videolan ?

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    All the movies work in video lan i just like wmp because of the dfx player. iwatch the movies through my tv and i have surround sound speakers and stuff so the dfx works nice for that.I really dont want to restore the registry because i ran it to rid me of duplicate and obsolete entries in my system configuration.(under start up)If i restore it i'll have all that crap back.I tried deleting them manually before running the reg cleaner but i could not find them.

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    I restored my registry and ran the reg cleaner again and didnt delete any entries for wmp and it works fine again.I forgot after i did that i had a similar problem with music match some songs it said were missing but that was easy to fix. Any mods out there you can delete this post if you would like


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