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Thread: Close Combat 5 Nvasion Normandy

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    hello everyone

    About 2-3 days ago, withe a 56k modem, i downloaded the full game of close combat 5. it is 168.bla0 big so took bout 2 days.

    I really want to play it but when i installed it it came up with an error message saying could not load up directory: temp\
    So being the 14yrold i am did the most stupid thing and put a folder called temp into the cc5 main folder. To my astonishment it actually worked and went to the main menu.
    i selected games as you so and got ready to play one for the first time. but then as it was loading it said, "Unabe to contine play as the disk is full, please clear up some space and resume play"? this is wierd as i have 42.1 gb free space on my hard drive??

    could some one please tell me ehat is going on as i diddnt spend two days d/l for nothing!!!
    hehe lol

    Mr happy

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    im not realy sure whats wrong....

    But i would advise restarting your PC then trying again.

    CC5 kicks ass by the way, ive had it on CD for ages (1.5 years) and ive not stopped playing it.


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