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Thread: K-lite Always Slow Or Freezing......

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    I'm a novice in this department so thanks for the help..........................

    I have a new computer with plenty of memory/Cable connection.

    As the numbers of Songs down loaded increased, my k-lite would slow down every time I clicked from search to traffic, etc.
    Now it is freezing?
    I've done all I could find to change my settings, no spy wear to be found also.
    reinstalled 2.4.3 and moved shared folder into temp.
    With only 10 songs on the newly cleaned shared file all seems to be ok??
    Ive gone trough the list of Things to do when k-Lite crashes, frezzes, etc.
    Does this sound like a DB file corruption?
    How do I sovle this problem and not loose all my songs?
    Can I isolate parts of the DB and see if they are the problem?

    Could I have too many songs for my system to handle?
    Is there a comman sense limit on the number of songs that i should have in my folders?

    Thanks in advance

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    you could just delete the db folder, and reinstall kazaa lite. It would probably take care of it. Once you have done that an verified that it is working ok move a few files at a time to your shared folder testing kazaa lite every time you move some files. If there is a corrupt one in there it will cause kazaa lite to crash.

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    I'm about to reinstall.
    db vs shared folder?
    What the difference on how they store data/songs?

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    did you say with 10 song in the shard folder its working fine??

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    I thought it was working fine.......I was wrong.
    I delated the db folder and am slowly adding songs from my temp folder.

    db vs shared folder?
    What the difference on how they store data/songs?



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