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Thread: Kotor Cd2 Un-zip Problem

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    I downloaded the *.tar version of kotor from mIrc.

    when i use win-rar to unzip the filesrzr-ktr2.001 kinda files it says i'm missing rzr-ktr2.053 .

    So wtf is going on?

    well if some1 does have it, please pm me.

    hmm this is kinda like a request (of 15 mb ) srry, but it is like no1 is reading the request part in here, and it's not like it is a whole game


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    your screwed how many megs did you download for it?

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    I don't realy think it a fake file... It were 2 cd's in 1 *.tar file.. the first cd works, but for some reason I'm missing that 1 little file...

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    If its not fake, its probably been purposely made incomplete.

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    oke after beggin for like 30 min on irc some1 sended me the last file and now i got it complete...



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