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Thread: MNX (AKA MATEO NAVARRETE) - book/audio/video request

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    Hey guys, hope you're doing well.
    Looking for these pua books, cannot find anywhere:
    1. MNX - Love/Hate pendulum. The tone of love
    2. Mateo Navarrete - Securing attention
    Same author. 2010-11

    The little parts of books available on scribd:

    MNX was a pua trainer, started like 10y ago, first website was and the 2nd They both are down
    I ran his websites on webarchive and didn't get any valuable info. Just a few old posts.

    If you guys have any info or material pls share

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    "I just remembered something that happened a long time ago."

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    Yes) and a lotta search engines even python based, index searches, downloaded thousands of PUA materials from different sources, hoping to find it somewhere.
    Eventually found lots of other good stuff but not these ones). His name was not even in PUA's list
    The author have some old posts on GirlsChase website, posted there in forum as well - no answer.
    Found all Chase's products to see if his books included, the result is - nah.
    So now feels like gotta move on, no more hope).
    Thanks for help
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    I did a fairly exhaustive search myself an hour or so after asking, and only found those Scribd links you mentioned. Maybe you can try asking at forums or subreddits that specialize in this sort of thing as a last resort.
    "I just remembered something that happened a long time ago."

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    Thanks for that.
    And good idea, I'll find a thread and ask, hope can find the old school and they guide me)


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