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    I am a person who like an easy life, so I am currently using Roxio 6 easy CD and DVD creator for burning my .avi's to DVD as all you do is pick the .avi you want converting and press go and it goes through the whole encoding process and burns it as a DVD. Thing is I seem to get a lot of errors doing this and it's not that quick. Is anyone aware of any other software that can handle this and is just as easy to use?

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    Main Concept mpeg encoder v1.4

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    nero 6 is a very good program now, with more features if you want them and if you dont its just a few clicks

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    I dont know!!!!!!!!
    Try "Ulead DVD MovieFactory 2" it takes you through the whole proccess step by step. It converts avi's and mpeg's to DVD.
    I'll have to try "Roxio 6 easy CD and DVD creator" though thats sounds just as easy.

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    Most of the programs the people above me suggested are right. But even though it might be a little harder TMPGenc is probably the best their is a lot of guides on using various programs on if you ever need any help or run into trouble with encoding, burning etc . .

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    nero worked well for me but I was using .mpg files, should work fine though

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    Do these software handle divx and xvid movies with various sound formats well?

    I've tried using many software, but they all have some kind of weakness, either don't recognise the format or are very slow.

    One good piece of software i've used and never had any probs. with converting movies (video and audio intact) from kazaalite is cucusoft avi to vcd dvd. But the prob. is that its quite slow compaired to tmpgenc.

    I suppose you can use someting like tmpgenc to convert a part of the movie (about a minuite or so) if it processes the file video and audio then you can let it do the whole job. If it doesnt process the sound, you will have to extract and then mutliplex the video and audio together, which i wouldnt recommend to a person who likes it easy, because you can get video and audio sync problems.

    If you don't mind the slowness use cucusoft.

    You will of course need to burn the movie separately, as cucusoft doesnt have burn feature.


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