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Thread: Data Movies Help?

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    plain and simple.
    i have nero 6 ultra
    I have Tmpgenc 2.5
    i have windows xp
    Problem is how do i burn data movies with nero6?
    I have dvd rips movies and avi. and mpeg.1 and 2 movies

    The first time i try to burn a data movie it was Fight Clubavi.<not a fake>
    and it burned the disc and i try to play it with my dvd player that plays dvd,svcd.kvcd. and other movies formats, it showed a blue screen with the files of fight club listed. it was actually a data file&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;hahalolol.

    me stupid, do i need to encode the move first using tmpgenc? or what ?

    Help is needed immediatly?

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    convert > burn > watch while enjoying a nice cool slurpee ...

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    @slurppe but do convert means encode the movie ?

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    Also make sure that you dvd player actuallys plays the burnt discs. I mean it might be able to play dvd/svcd/vcd/kvcd etc . . but it might not be able to play cd-r,cd-rw,dvd-r etc . . if so it wouldn&#39;t matter if you encoded the movie properley it just wouldn&#39;t play them. Their is a section in that lists a lot of dvd players and what they play.

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    it plays cd&#39;s and cd-rw&#39;s vcd,svcd,lvcd and others but when i burnt it to a cd using nero then i went to data and burn it an then i played it on dvd-player a blue screen came up with the file of the movie i was trying to burn . I wanted to make a move but instead i made a data cd. thank all yall for the help and if you have addtional information please help me and please dont send me to no link because i get confuse and lost everytime

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    J18 I&#39;m sorry i might have not understood properly.When you burned the file on nero did you choose to burn it as a vcd,image or data cd? maybe you made a mistake there while choosing that option.
    My guess anyway.

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    Originally posted by jerome18@4 December 2003 - 02:19
    Problem is how do i burn data movies with nero6?
    Nero Express


    choose what format you want (vcd,svcd,mini dvd)

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    i choose it as a data cd. when nero started i went to make a data cd then i drag the move to the left side of screen and burn the movie but it came out as a data moive. Can somebody please help me to make a movie using data format or some other format.

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    You cant play avi&#39;s(divx,xvid)mpeg 4 on most dvd players unless you have one that does

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