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Thread: Video Editing

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    Jul 2003
    i got myself a new raedon allinwonder 9000 and want to edit video and there program is rather restricting anyone know a good program i can "buy"

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    i havent used it myself, but ive heard that Adobe Premiere 7 is quite good

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    Originally posted by Duffman3@3 December 2003 - 20:34
    lol trying to wonder what this means

    its ok can say "download" here.....we ALL download

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    Get all the Ulead programs. They are like over $700 dollars.

    They are really good.

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    I edit video all the time.. The two programs I use most are vegas video.. and adobe after effects.. too very good and capable programs...

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    Originally posted by quiksilver_aus@4 December 2003 - 04:52
    i havent used it myself, but ive heard that Adobe Premiere 7 is quite good
    Premiere CS. B)

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    I've just started this also and have the following:-
    1. Pinnacle Studio 8. Nice features, easy to use for the novice like me but this is the buggiest software I have ever seen. It regularly takes Win XP down when it crashes...shame.
    2. Ulead videostudio7. This is much more stable than the above, I'm using this at the moment and haven't had one crash with it. It has some different and some more advanced features than Pinnacle studio 8 and there are even video tutorials you can download so you can get to grips with it quickly. I like this a lot.
    3. Adobe premiere pro. This is aimed at the more advanced user and if you're a 1st timer like me stay away from it, it'll confuse the hell outta ya.

    If you're interested PM me and I'll make Ulead into a hash file, give you my SN so you can download it al from me.


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    Magix Video Deluxe is very user friendly and inexpensive.

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    The program you use will depend on what you need it for. I have used so many different software programs and havn't yet found one that i really like. The most useful one, which also happends to be one of the smallest is tmpgenc.

    If you want to just cut away pieces of video you have captured from your device then this offers some useful tools, but you will need to convert avi in to mpeg to do this.

    It can also convert your video into vcd, svcd, dvd + many other formats by installing additional templates.

    I also use many other software tools for different purposes that include virtualdub, dvd2one, spruceup, vobsplitt (last three very useful for ripped dvd's).

    I don't think you will find an all-in-one tool that does everything you want, i know from experience

    If you you ever do manage to find someting like that let me know, you will make me a more happy person


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