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Thread: Age Of Mythology Problems!

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    Hi, I've downloaded AOM burned the ISO onto disc, installed the game. Great, I thought!!!
    When I try to rungame I get the infamous Cannot locate Disc 1 info box. Have downloaded several no cd patches but when I run program now I get RockallDLL.dll was not found message. Am I putting the patch in the wrong file? If so where does it need to be??? I'm not very technical so the answer is probably staring me in the face. I've had a look at the forum answers and still haven't got any further. Thanks in advance JonTreacle

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    Doubt the patch is in the wrong file, the patch just replaces the .exe game file. Try searching your system for that file, if not there, maybe a kind person can provide to you to place within the correct directory.
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    The No-CD crack is supposed to go in the game directory itself, and replace the original *.exe used to run the game like CornerPocket said. There are usually different patches for each game build (1.0, 1.1, etc.). Make sure the crack matches with your current game version, which should be the most current of course.

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    umm u sure the patch isnt there...

    for aom... i had to replace files...

    if it still doesnt work

    go to


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