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    Question for all you people who use SmartRipper. I just Ripped the Expanded Edt. of LOTR: Two-Towers to my HardDrive, but after it finished Ripping the DVD, It created 10 files of the 2 disk DVD. I guess one for every chapter? But how can I Rip my DVD into fewer larger files?

    Another question...
    -How can I bypass or fix the screen in SmartRipper that says DVD is locked; No key.?

    Thank You
    Please help...

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    You can do it by clicking on "settings" and clicking on the "movie" tab and adjust the "max filesize" and "div."

    However, I strongly advice against it. The IFO Files is used to navigate the chapters in each vob. If you take a look at IFO file, the menu/chapter is dependent on the IFO pointers which IDs specific vobs/chapter/stream/location/etc... Changing the size will screw-up the pointer and vob location. I tried it personally, and I never got the movie to play correctly; trust me, you don't want to adjust the IFO settings. Smartripper does tries to make adjustments but sync and sequence problems will occur. Also, you'll notice the maximum size of a VOB file is 1GB. This is a DVD standard to insure compatibility with older firmware and/or OS, etc. If you're brave and have a lot of time, download a copy of IFOEdit and go for it.

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    Also to unlock the dvd you play the movie with a suitable program, smartripper then finds the key. You can then shut the player down.

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    Smartripper has been superceded by better software, try using the latest version of dvd decryptor.

    I've had probs. with smartripper before and stopped using it. On some movies smartripper (old version) didnt copy the sound properly.

    If you want to make exact copies of your dvd's, you couldnt use a better combination than dvd decryptor and dvd2one. They do the whole job in about 40 - 50 mins.


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