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Thread: Not Sharing Any Files

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    I used K-Lite for the first time last night and was fairly impressed with it. I copied some files I have in another sharing folder for another program over and all was well. Today I open it up though and I have no shared files.

    As we speak, its just shown up that I am sharing files

    Either way, what do I do when it says that I'm not. I went through the settings and it had changed them all from when I first used it so that people couldn't see my folder etc. I changed all the settings back and shut it down completely and then started it up again, that didn't work, I changed the which folder it was pointing to (as I mentioned above), that didn't work (though as I also mention above it appears that it's recognising the folder now).

    Any suggestions for what to do in the future should this happen? I totally support the sharing of files and I wouldn't dream of using this or any other P2P without having at least a few files to share. I don't want to be viewed by others as a leech, cause I'm really not.


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    I haven't experienced this problem. Try to pm one of the mods.

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    Forgive me for the silly question, but how do I find out who the mods are? I don't want to just be pm'ing a bunch of people, is there possibly a specific mod that I should pm?

    I did look around a little bit before I asked described my problem, hope this isn't something that nobody knows how to fix!

    thanks for such a prompt reply.


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    if you put your files in your shared folder, they will be shared, also give klite a bit to load all your files, for all the folders you have specified, but the easiest way would be to just put them in your shared folder


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