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Thread: Magnet, Subwoffer, Pc

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    bob_the_alien's Avatar Bob The Alien
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    Ok, I've got a large Subwoofer box that is made for a car, but It has allot of room in the back, I was thinking about trying a project and making this into a pc.

    Also, but then I began to think about it, and Magnets do not go so well with any type of magnetic storage. And a Subwoofer has a huge magnet on the back of it.

    So what do you guys think, do you think it would hurt the PC.
    It's not like it's going to be touching it, but it will have a small magnetic field coming off.
    I may end up trying it anyway, I have many old parts, that I really wouldn't care if they get trashed or not.

    It would just be cool, have the pc hooked into the sub, and maybe add tweeters with a zip pull wires, so they stay attached.
    The sub box isn't just a black box like many others. It's a silver felt box, with plexi glass and mirrors surrounding the front, Great place for lights. And itís a ported sub, so already have two air vents on the top.
    I just think it could make a great looking PC case.
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    Of course, especially the hard drive. Make sure it's also away from TV. You can attach some audio devices i.e. RCA plug and cable going to your PC. Just don't bring the woofer near to appliances that will be hurt.

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    I also wouldn't be happy about the large amounts of vibration coming from the subwoofer - that would screw with your components.

    Nice idea, but impractical

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    Actually, sub woofers are ok just as long as they are magnetically sheilded or not to close to your hardware.

    I built a sub woofer a while ago with two 10" 250 WATT subs in it and i got to tell ya, it rocked the house

    I swear, it was so damn bassy and powerfull that when turned just a quarter up, it made you feel like your chest was caving in on itself.

    So like i said. Put it in a good spot and get some magnetically shielding material and you should be ok.

    (Incase your wondering what the box is like for my sub, this is basically it but it also has port holes in the middle board and the back too.)

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    Sub-woofer enhances the quality of sound system but it's irritating to your chest/lungs and of course to your neighbors.

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    kinda like Tweeters. i used to have a full system in an old truck and when u'd crank it up it'd vibrate your whole chest and could sometimes feel heavy to breath

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    Part of the way a sub-woofer works is the airbox. Filling up the space with sharp-edged computer hardware is probably going to screw up your sound.
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    Is the concept here that both the PC and the subwoofer would be functional?
    Or is this a PC disguised as a speaker enclosure?
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    There's an advantage, it could help your earwax to fall down. Joke only

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    Originally posted by bob_the_alien@4 December 2003 - 10:20
    Also, but then I began to think about it, and Magnets do not go so well with any type of magnetic storage. And a Subwoofer has a huge magnet on the back of it.
    how you going to get your floppy disk near without it being erased

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