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Thread: Software Download Problem

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    I downloaded a bunch of software using KLite. Every one of them seems to be self-extractable zip files. But when I double-click or open them with WinZip or WinRAR and try to extract all of the files, I got a lot of errors…usually CRC errors. It happened on all the software that I downloaded. Does anyone have any luck downloading software? Am I just having some bad luck or is there a way to handle those seems to be corrupted files? Btw, I tried the “Repair” feature within WinRAR, still not helping.

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    kazaa corrupts.

    look into better app that have built in corruption handling like bittorrent/emule/irc ect

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    It can be a mix of things you might be running into badluck so use the verfieds in Softworld if your still getting corrupted files it becauss of K Lite. Also you should just double click on the self-extracting files don't try opening them with WinZip or WinRAR.


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