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Thread: Does Desktop 2.0 Really Work?

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    Hi Everyone. I just installed Desktop 2.0 today and found a bunch of files I want but after adding them to my traffic list, every single one of them says "searching" non stop and is 0kb/0kb. Has anyone had luck actually getting the files using Desktop? Anyone know much about the Desktop program? Is is legit or a scam program tricking us into being monitored while never really allowing us to get the files? (Yes, I'm paranoid, you have to be these days)

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    try starting the download then searching manually for the same file
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    wat is desktop 2.0? is it like a customize ur desktop looks (themes, appearance) type of program?

    i use desktop architect

    got it from

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    I'm having the same download problem you have but with lotr the two towers CD2 its says searching and stays at 0kb/0kb even when I search manually

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    You are correct I agree 100% with what you are saying. I would suggest that we all just accept this interpretation of events.

    No need for anyone to say anything further. Unless of course you would like people to disagree with you and start posting positive things about it. Putting it in everyone's consciousness and having well thought of posters extolling it's virtues.




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