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Thread: Faulting Module

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    I hope someone can come up with some ideas or at least point me in the right direction.

    After a clean install of Windows XP, K-lite version 2.4.3 installs properly, searches for files and downloads. Then, all of a sudden, I get a Microsoft pop-up message stating Kazaalite has encountered a problem and needs to close. Event Viewer always shows the error: Faulting application, kazaalite,kpp,version, faulting module kazaalite,kpp,version, fault address 0x47a22.

    This happens regardless of whether I download K-lite before or after installing SP1 and Windows critical updates, or even leaving SP1 and critical updates off my computer. It also happens if I install version 2.4.3 before or after I install any antivirus program or even if the antivirus is disabled.

    The problem has happened before I could even put a file in the shared folder so I don't think it's a corrupt file download. Each time I've clean installed, I've downloaded K-lite from a different location on the website ( so I've ruled out corrupt or bad downloads of the program.

    Can anyone think of something I can try to resolve this? I'd appreciate the help.


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    Have you tried deleting the DB files?

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    Yes, Paul. I'm really stumped.


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    Okay -- seem to have resolved the problem. By chance I ran CHKDSK and the summary said "some minor inconsistencies" were fixed. K-lite doing fine now.



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