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Thread: Sound Only?

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    Hey! okay, i downloaded a movie, and its pretty weird, the sound is the only thing that works, when i go to the theater, it gives me those strange colours (like when u play a song, and than go 2 the theater?) anyways, is there anything i can do about that, cuz i dont really feel like listenin 2 the movie, n not bein able 2 watch it... haha im not a super advanced person with kazaa, mainly use it for music, so its probly really simple thanks

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    You need a codec, get the k-lite one from here

    and download either the full or the basic.

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    Maybe the movie you DL'd is mp4? If so, you might need Quicktime or similar program to play it.

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    k, im downloading the codec thing, dunno totally how that works! but i dunno, lol haha i did say i wasnt 2 good with this stuff, and im pretty sure it wasnt an mp3 thing, cuz it says "type : movie" hum.. so wat do i do once ive got the codec?

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    one more thing 2 add.. cuz i dunno if itll make a difference or not, it has the title of the movie, than it says "DVDxvid" yeah, so thanks haha

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    this just a bit more info to add

    download the klite codec pack and videolan, codec pack has bs player and gspot, between the bsplayer and videolan you can play anything and the gspot you can use to see if the files are real or fake


    go here to add it to tools and preview menu

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    that was either 2 complicated... or i did it wrong! lol i downloaded the videolan from the 1st site, than i went 2 the 2nd, but i couldnt find the vlc.exe (i think thats wat it is..) so i dunno, mayb i did it wrong? lol thanks ne ways..

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    the colours are also a lil strange, n it fades into a grayish colour everyonce in a while...? lol dunno if this is important either, but the files a screener?(dunno wat that means.. lol )

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    you got a crapy file hwo big is it??

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    Honestly, QuickTime will do the job without a fuss.
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