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Thread: Joule-mobile

  1. #1 my physics class i have to make a vehicle that is powered by a 1_kg mass falling a maximum of .5 meters.


    1. No prefabricated wheels
    2. No electric, animal, or commercially availiable motors
    3. Not from a kit (home made)
    4. Internal Propulsion (no pushing, kicking etc.)
    5. max size 24''x 12''

    Any suggestions would be great, i kinow all u intelligent people out there can think of something. Remember, less friction and inertia the farther it will go.

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    If you have just the one mass, what you could do is use it in a pendulum system to provide the power. The easiest thing to do with be to use it in a crawler vehicle (i.e. spider-like movement), but it could also be done in wheels. Just can't remember how

    Someone else elaborate what I mean, please?

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    but the pendulum would provide force forward and back

    i need all forward force

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    Originally posted by P4NC4KE@5 December 2003 - 00:34
    but the pendulum would provide force forward and back

    i need all forward force
    Not if you use some clockwork to harness the movement of the pendulum...

    But you'd also need some weights to keep the pendulum in movement...

    Does this vehicle of yours have other requirements, like speed or a certain distance to cover?

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    Its Just a contest for the farthest distance


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