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Thread: Problems With Sygate Personal Firewall Pro

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    1) I have d/l Sygate Pro from K-lite and Bit Torrent, still I get the same problem. After I install it (and well after I put in the bad ip's in it) , whenever I boot up my computer, after maybe a few minutes(sometimes before I can even log on) my computer just restarts. The same thing happen til I then give up and uninstall it. This happens to me everytime I have Sygate(well before I changed to a new version). No viruses, nada. Any solutions?

    2) When I put bad ip's in Sygate, my computer freezes everytime I press "ok" for a few minutes, then after that everything is ok. I even tried to split up the bad ip's list to two pages(or lists). Is this normal?

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    Try Zone Alarm Pro
    PM me if you need a serial

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    try this one

    turn off your av and make sure there is no other firewall

    reboot pc and install

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    What version do you have, the latest version is 5.5, I think? You should download the latest Sygate from their homepage and get a working keygen from A$TALAVI$TA.COM


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