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Thread: Zonealarm Pro 4 (help)

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    I keep getting these messages.

    Automatic VPN Configuration.

    1 Configure Zone alarm pro with web filtering to support this VPN connection

    2 or Do not Configure.

    Dont know what it means i just select: Do not, could any one give me some advice.
    Iam runnning XP home, Kazzaa and shadow client Bittorrent.


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    It sounds like it wants to automatically configure itself for use with a VPN(virtual private network)

    This could be due to a nefarious program. You might want to run a virus check.

    If you don't have a home network and aren't planning on connecting to your PC(s) from outside of your home it isn't necessary to set up a VPN.

    Others may have some input as well...

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    if u didn't do this on ur own, it might be a virus.

    a vpn isn't a bad thing, just not always necessary for home networks. and it might slow down connections

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    I was trying to network my PC, to put the Xbox on but gave up after still getting no connections. I turned of Zonealarm while playing XBox live and used XP firewall.

    So it is possible something is left from messing on with ports.

    Thanks chaps


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