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Thread: Plugin Did Not Initialize Properly

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    "The plugin did not initialize properly" WTF does this mean? I've tried so many times with the same result.... what to do? thanks in advance

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    What plug in are you talking about?

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    im not sure... i went to kl's homepage to download kazza lite, and went to each of the sites they provide(not to mention numerous others i found) and right away when i clicked on them it says "the plugin did not initialize correctly." your guess is probably WAY better than mine.

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    You check Klite tools see if the plug in you remembered before.

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    what? I dont have k lite yet. I merely tried to dowload it for the first time ever and before a download dialog box even pops up it says that plugin bullshit. all i want to do is dowload some tunes for my new nomad zen xtra.

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    now it tells me that "the plugin was found, but an error in the plugin has occured"

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    BTW what proggie are you implying?

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    please uninstall, if not istalled please go to program folder and make sure there are no kazaa folders(kmd or lite)

    if you have or had kazaa(kmd) on your pc then please:

    save your shared files to a temp folder uninstall any version of kazaa you have, go to program files and delete any kazaa folder you see, go to c:drive>my shared folder delete that, delet your db folder, run adaware then install klite

    once you have done what needs to be done please

    download and install from here

    during install make sure to check the box for new registry

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    he's going to a fake site which is trying to install a "dirty" plugin, spyware,dialers.... go to

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    I concuer

    he need to clean his pc and ask for a refund if he paid for something, seem to be more everyday


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