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Thread: I Think The Admins Had Over Seen Something...

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    hehe... I think I've got Admin status for one day - cool.
    no just joking, don't believe everything

    There only could be one Admin on my board. That's me.
    All the other Admins on my board are just imaginations of your mind.


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    are you netwiser

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    Originally posted by muchspl2@5 December 2003 - 03:48
    are you netwiser
    no, I am not net w eiser...

    What has he done that if write his name it appears [SPAM]?

    I've just installed an Invision Board on my Desktop, made the K-Lite Board Logo
    on it, so I can see this nice design everytime also offline. I was just playing around with the board.

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    wonder how that happened? hmmm... cough, pic edit, cough cough ca ca, (choked to death by thought of person editin pic)


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