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Thread: Erm...who Can Use The Most 'angry' Smilies

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    ok, i&#39;m back. i got a story to tell about something that happened when i went to wal-mart. after i bought the grow lights, i decided to browse around the store because they have alot of new stuff in, for christmas. so i was looking around in sporting goods, near where they keep the guns. so this guy had a rifle in his hand, obviously he was thinking of buying it, so he was holding it up and looking at it. he told the salesclerk something about ....and i can&#39;t remember exactly...but.."when you hit a man with this, he won&#39;t go down right away" ..hehe. i was a little nervous. after he said "man" he quickly slipped in "or a bear, or whatever... " ha, what a freak.

    ok that was my wal-mart story, just for 3rd gen noob.

    hope he liked it.

    sending fiery missiles in manker's japan's general direction.

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