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Thread: Adventure Games?

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    Hi can u please tell me some games that are similar to bladerunner or postmortem

    they are adventure puzzle games

    if you don't know what i'm talking about you may have played broken sword

    //yes i have played broken sword 3, it was far to easy and short

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    I personally thought both of those games were pretty bad. But if you're looking for adventure-type games, there's always the Gabriel Knight trilogy (Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within, and Gabriel Knight: Blood of the Damned). They're very good.

    There's Dark Eye, which is less a game and more an interactive film for Poe fans, but it's alright. Original.

    Grim Fandango's very good, it's based on Mexican folklore.

    There's the King's Quest series, although 8 is a departure from the other 7.

    There's the Myst series.

    The Longest Journey's fairly decent, although it's short.

    Sanitarium's good. Almost impossible to find though.

    Syberia's okay.

    Hope that helps.

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    i'm confused, r u looking for rpg style games or just ur average 1000 piece puzzle type o thing?

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    monkey island and grim fandango - bloody quality games!!!

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    Yeah, LucasArts made some excellent adventure games.

    Day of the Tentacle
    Sam and Max Hit the Road
    Monkey Island series
    Grim Fandango

    Beneath a Steel Sky was the first game released by Revolution, the company that made the Broken Sword series. It's now available as freeware from the ScummVM site at the bottom of thier downloads page.
    If your running WinXp, use ScummVM to get the in-game sound to work on LucasArts games and BASS.

    Sierra made some good ones too
    Space Quest series
    King's Quest series

    To run these games on Xp, use VDMSound

    You also might want to look into the MYST series of Games... you'll either love them or hate them.

    MYST or realMYST... both are the same game, the only difference being that MYST is 2D and realMyst is full 3D
    Riven: the sequel to MYST
    MYST 3-Exile


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