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Thread: Why Is My New Movie Blue?

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    I am hoping someone can help with my new problem.

    Hope I'm not bothering y'all with lamer newbie stuff, but my google searches have proved unfruitful. Figured I'd try here before I fire up IRC.

    Ok, so here goes. I used to encode with progs like smart ripper, dvd2avi, and TPMG. Now I found a much faster and easier way to take care of it with:

    Robot4Rip -> Then I encode with Gordian Knot

    The movie was synced perfectly, the picture was almost dvd quality, but it had a blue Tint. Can someone tell me why that is?

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    did you read the "help' from the programs itself?

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    I read the manual that came from Doom9 and nothing was mentioned. But I will check any help file I may have regarding the program. Again, any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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    never herd of it, I use Gordian knot to rip, why don't you use dvd decrypter

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    Yeppers, I use that too. Just didn't mention it in the previous post.

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    have you tried viewing it with three different kind of players like


    to see if they all look the same?? i bet its your codecs and in one of those you won't see the blue tint

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    Ok, here goes:

    I played it with WinAmp and there was absolutely NO shred of red in the entire movie. It looked like everything that was blue is blue, and everything that was red is blue. Blue everywhere!

    Second, I mounted it in the DivX 5 player and it played like a charm. No extra blue. Yay!!

    So, is there something I have to do to the WinAmp to fix the cyan issue?

    Also, I encoded it with Xvid in case I didn't mention that before. Oh, and one last issue regarding the Xvid, when I encoded it, the resulting file came out as .avi. Is that the proper extension?

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    have you tried playing it in videolan???

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