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Thread: Tivo/dvd Burner

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    i have a good feeling that the number of tv shows/ classic movies will be going way up soon...Tivo just came out with a Tivo/DVD burner they couldnt make it easier to transfer to ur computer... even if the encrypt the data, its only a short time until they crack it. Im hoping for a nice simpsons collection

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    I have a TIVO, and a separate DVD burner in my PC. TIVO is the greatest fucking invention since sliced bread. Own one for a week, and it will revolutionize the way you watch television forever.

    I have a DVD-R burner, and while I played with it for a while, its a mere novelty in my eyes. DVD technology will be changing at an accellerated pace due to piracy. It is NOT a worthwhile investment for the casual computer user to have, as the learning curve is very steep. Burning DVDs, or authoring your own is rather complex, and costly. Media is also expensive. Prices are coming down, but its not happening fast enough.

    TIVO is offering a two in one? I'll save my money. Playstation 3 will be out in 18 months, and it will incorporate TIVO like recording into a set-top box/system, and will be backwards compatible. Now that is a great invention. B)
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    yea it's great I have a replay tv witch is free no monthly fee
    you will never go back
    but I only have a standalone dvdr, looking forward to getting a dvdr for my computer

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    Yeah its only $800 for the tivo/dvd-r. I need to pick one up.

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    < getting one for christmas

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    lucky bastard

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    Originally posted by P4NC4KE@6 December 2003 - 21:33
    lucky bastard


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