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Thread: About K-lite Video Pack 2.20

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    I just installed the latest video codecs (K-Lite Video Codec Pack 2.20) and now my AVI Preview doesn't work as it used to. Before i was able to watch or preview an incomplete download in it's "incompleteness" (e.g. being able to see the whole minute of the 1 minute incomplete download). But now after installing the latest build, i only get to see 2-4 sec of any incomplete download. It doesn't matter how long the video is, be it 5m or 30m, i only get to preview 2-4 sec.
    I wonder if this is an isolated case and should i uninstall the version 2.20?
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Possible fix:

    Start > Run > regsv32 /u
    Start > Run > regsv32 quartz.dll

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    avipreview is buggy, get/use

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    I wasn't able to run the regsv32 command (I'm using xp pro) but i did download videolan and it worked very well. Now i can again see the incomplete download in its entirety.
    Thanks {I}{K}{E} and muchspl2 for your help.

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    It is regsvr32, not regsv32


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