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Thread: Screen Freezes After Awhile...

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    Hi ppl, got a serous problem that I've been trying to solve for like eons now but to no avail. Recently got meself a nividia Geforce4 MX 440 with 128Mb and got someone to help me install it. Upgraded from a Geforce2 MX with 64Mb. The thing is videos and games used to work fine with my old graphic card. After installing the new one, my games work fine, but my screen would start freezing up after awhile when I play a movie or video. I've got the latest version of K-lite codec pack and I've already upgraded my graphic card and monitor drivers. Alas, green horizontal lines would still fill my screen after a certain amt of time( it varies from a few sec to ten mins) and my screen will go black after that. There will still be sound though although it will start jerking after the screen turns black. I REALLY want to get this sorted out and any kind offering of advice will be immensely appreciated!


    P.S. Anything to do with the Bios configuration? Not really familiar with that blue page...Codec problem perhaps since my 3D games all work fine...

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    if its done it ever sense you got it maybe its a bad card, call the tech support and they can walk you through any problems with that card and your setup, witch BTW you didn't post

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    Please give exact info: codec version number, media player used, type of movie played (avi, mpeg, ogm, etc), codec of movie(s) played (does it turn green with xvid, divx or both)???????

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    Have you tried re-installing or updating the drivers?

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    well may be the problem is in latest version of k-lite codec pack-it's known to be a shit, sorry Paul
    i personally had a lot of problems with it-went back to 2.10
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