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Thread: Wats A Better Isp Rogers Or Sympatico

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    wats better Rogers or Sympatico

    Can Some Give me pros and cons

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    Couldn't tell you. Check here and say what people say.

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    Rogers has unlimited DL....Bell has a cap at 6 gigs a if you are going to DL Gmaes ot movies get rogers..

    Rogers lite is as fast as Bell's top one, so it is as fast as dial up can be

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    rogers sux, that's for sure

    try golden triangle
    they are using sympatico's server (i guess) with NO caps at all
    the only con is you need to buy your own modem (cnd$ 100-200), but you don't pay the modem rental so you could actually start saving after 1 year of using golden.

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    hmm... i don't know, but i personally use Rogers b/c Bell has a limit on downloading and uploading. in terms of speed, i'm not sure about that, but i hear that there are many other isp's out there so rogers or bell would n't be the only choices


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